IPD Services – International Patient Department

//IPD Services – International Patient Department

IPD Services – International Patient Department

Introduction of IPD Services “International Patient Department”

Therapeutic services have been provided for foreign patients in recent years in Razi Eye Hospital. And now, considering the decree of the Ministry of Health on managing foreign patients separately and allocating special services to them, Razi Hospital has included the following in its plan:

۱٫Allocating a separate unit in the organizational chart under the supervision of the executive management of the hospital

۲٫ Forming the IPD unit team

۳٫ Appropriate physical space on the 7th floor for admitting these patients

۴٫ An expert responsible for admitting and discharging them

۵٫ Recording up- to- date information on the portal of the Treatment Deputy Website

۶٫ Developing a bilingual booklet, private parking, courtesy transportation services for patients on the day of surgery, high speed Internet, delivering the patients’ medical records, and appointing their follow-up visits

Medical, Clinical and Para-clinical Services:

The operation rooms

Razi Hospital has two active operation rooms of LASIK and intra-ocular with modern equipment, ready to serve honorable patients. In these operation rooms, LASEK, Femto-Lasik, cataract, vitrectomy, glaucoma, blepharoplasty, strabismus and the other types of ophthalmic surgery are performed.


Laser Clinic, Eye Angiography and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Pentacam, Perimetry, IOLMaster, Topography, ERG and various types of eye scans.

IPD members:

Physicians: All ophthalmology specialists and super-specialists of Razi eye complex

Nurses: the head nurse and the substitute nurse of the ward – Ms.Alimardani and Ms.Shalikhani

IPD officials: Dr Mohammadali Kafashian, Z.Alimardani

 Hospital contact number for foreign patients:



(+۹۸)-۹۳۰۶۱۱۵۵۱۰ (Telegram,Viber: Ms Shalikhani)


E-mail: info@razieyeclinic.com

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