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Razi Eye Center

This hospital since 1994 with the aim of serving the patients with the best quality and most reliable service. With its experienced ophthalmologist professors, this collection has been able to offer favorable treatment to Iranian and non-Iranian associates and has always maintained its superiority in the country and the region in all its scientific, practical and technological fields.

Razi Ophthalmology Center is proud to take effective steps to improve the provision of ophthalmology services and patients’ comfort and confidence. By trying to improve vision and, consequently, improve the lives of patients, it is instructive to follow the path. Increase people’s expectations of the ophthalmic community. It is hoped that with the help of God in this path, we will always have a positive and fruitful movement.

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مرکز فوق تخصصی رازی
Active personnel
Professors and active surgeons
Daily Disease Diagnosis
Successful Surgery Daily

Razi Eye Center

The team is honored to work with the help of the best masters from reputable international and international universities, and with the help of technology in the world to serve the purpose of diagnostic treatment and assistance to patients.

Hours of Clinic

This collection is available on weekdays from 7am to 19th of wednesday from 7am to 17pm.

In The Razi Eye Center all set to serve

The staff and staff of Razi are ready to take an effective step in the diagnostic medical activities of respectable clients.

Razi Eye Center

Relaxation and reassurance and convenient treatment at the Razi Eye Center by the best professors of the Iranian Medical University


Professors and active center surgeons

Below are some of the professors and surgeons who work at the Ophthalmology Center in Razi Eye Center….

دکتر رضا زارعی

Reza Zarei MD

دکتر علیرضا لاشیئی

Alireza Lashay MD

دکتر سید مهدی حسینی تهرانی

Mehdi Hosseini Tehrani MD.

دکتر حیدر امینی

Heidar Amini MD

دکتر سیدمحمدناصر هاشمیان

Naser Hashemian MD

دکتر خلیل حمزه دوست

Khalil HamzehDoost MD

دکتر عادل رزاقی

Adel Razzaghi MD

دکتر محمدرضا فلاح تفتی

MohammadReza Fallah MD

دکتر ضیاالدین یزدیان

Ziya Yazdian MD

“See the beauty of the world”

“The goal of the physicians and staff is to satisfy the patients and their entourage’s heart satisfaction, as well as the patient’s positive therapeutic process or to prevent and stop the progress of certain diseases and to reduce the effects of ophthalmic diseases such as diabetes. Hoping for a day when no disease is deprived of the blessing of cure.

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